The Humane Way to Keep Chipmunks Out of Your Property

Chipmunks are the cutest little creatures in the world, and while they don’t damage your property in the same way as wild rats and other rodents, they could make a mess of your garden.

They love fruits and nuts and dig up and eat flowering buds. They dig burrows in flower beds, porches and sidewalks. There is no reason to believe that the burrows dug by chipmunks cause any substantial damage to the property, but you certainly would like to prevent that if you can.

Also, chipmunks are safe and they aren’t seen as a source of any infectious disease that could be transmitted to humans. They do not carry germs in the like rats and mice do. They are just little harmless creatures that may have lost its way and entered your property by mistake.

That’s why you should look for humane ways to keep chipmunks out of your property.

One way to do that is to use humane chipmunk traps. We make humane chipmunk traps that help you get rid of these little critters safely, humanely and quickly.

Why use humane methods to get rid of chipmunks?

First of all, look at the creature. It’s so small, sweet and innocent. It would be cruel to kill it using methods such as rat poison and other dangerous methods.

If you find a chipmunk inside your house, it’s by accident only. The creature will be happy to leave as long as she gets a way to get out. If you spot a chipmunk in the house, close the doors to all of the rooms and closets while keeping the main door to the entrance open, so that she can get out easily.

A far more efficient way to do this is to leave the humane chipmunk trap on the walkway. Make sure to add bait to the trap and check it every couple of hours.

If you find that the little creature has been trapped, you can then take it to a park and release it into the wild.

Preventing the Chipmunks from Getting Into Your House

Once the chipmunks have been caught and released, think of ways to fortify your house against them.

Consider adding an L-shaped footer to the perimeters of your property to ensure that the chipmunks don’t burrow around foundations, retaining walls, sidewalks and porches.

Get rid of the rock piles or wood around the house and trim the plants that offer cover to the chipmunks.  Cover the flower bulbs with a mesh of wire and plastic screens. The mesh should be big enough to prevent any digging and also to allow the plants to sprout.

Preventing Chipmunks from Getting to Your Bird Feeders!

Chipmunks are attracted to bird feeders and come looking for them. To prevent this, choose seeds such as thistle that they don’t like. Avoid sunflowers, which is one of their favorites.

You may take a look at our humane chipmunk traps. These live traps are the most efficient way to get rid of chipmunks safely.

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