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How To Get Rid Of Mice Without Killing?

By April 26, 2019October 14th, 2020 No Comments
Mice Smelling in Fields

Mouse traps are the first things that strike our mind when we talk about mice problems, which is really filthy and irritating at the same time. This is not only a threat to our food or belongings at home but it can also give rise to some really hazardous diseases. There are certain tips that we need to follow in order to get rid of mice problem permanently.

Eradicate entry points

Throwing mice or building a rodent trap in your home could be as simple as calling an expert and asking them to do this for you. Secure your home by knocking out all easy access and entry points from your home. This might seem impossible as mice are able to squeeze themselves from the tiniest of holes and can come inside, but this problem can also be solved. Try to fill in the cracks or gaps on your walls or doors by filling it with some building material such as cement or soil. You can also do this by placing an object in the gap to stop the entry.

Usage of mouse traps

By using mousetrap no kill strategy we can get rid of this curse. A New humane mouse trap can be the best help you can get to decrease mouse population. However, make sure you know exactly how many traps need to be set. Do not underestimate the rodent or mice infestation problem. Keep the number of mouse traps moderate; not too many for one mouse nor too less.

Elect the best enticement for a mouse trap.

This is one of the most preferred live mouse trap schemes adopted by people. One of the easiest and wicked ways is to closely observe what bait mice has been targeting or eating in your home; try using that for once. If that does not work then go for the most preferred ones such as peanut butter, chocolate, hazelnut spread etc. Place the mice food after a day or do by with fresh bait. This will make sure the mouse gets what’s coming to them and falls for the live mouse trap.

Tackle the mouse within the house

Clean your house properly. Remove all garbage from the house and clean every corner where you are suspicious that mice can hide. In order to get rid of mice, the entire place should be clean and tidy; hence ensuring no single place in your house attracts them. Lining your home’s foundation is a good way to prevent nesting and burrowing. The less the clutter the easier it is to get rid of mice and track rodent activity and stop it.
Following all these steps would help you free your mind off mice problems. Once you get the feeling that no mice activities are taking place or there is no mess, this indicates that all mice are removed. However, all these precautionary measures need to be implemented immediately before they take up residence in your home.

We make humane mouse traps that catch mice without killing or harming them. Our mouse traps are basically catch-and-release traps and are certainly more sophisticated than the traditional models that you’re probably familiar with. Do have a look!