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How to Control Rodents Humanely

The best method of rodent control is prevention. Rodents tend to set up camp in our homes and businesses when food and space are made available to them.

Remove potential rodent homes like yard debris, trash, construction waste, etc. Remove ivy from on and near structures. Consider removing dense ground covering plants too.

Eliminate food sources. Keep your garbage completely sealed with lids closed and secured. Keep bulk food, seed, and dry pet food in metal cans with secure lids. Pick up fallen fruit. Take birdfeeders inside at night and feed pets indoors.

Exclude rodents from your home. Seal openings 1/4 inch or larger around the outside of your house with metal, concrete, or Stuff-It Copper Mesh Wool, which can be found online or at hardware stores.

Include natural rodent predators in your solution. A family of five owls can consume up to 3,000 rodents in breeding season. Placing a nest box to encourage a family of owls to make your property home can be a great alternative to commercial pest control
methods. DO NOT erect an owl box if poisons are being used in your neighborhood, however.

Use catch-and-release traps as a safe, sanitary, and humane solution. Catch-and release traps will allow you to remove rodents from inside your home, but you must prevent their return by sealing entrance and exit holes and removing attractants (see above).

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