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All You Need to Know About Shrews

Shrews have an elongated, rodent-like body; their fur is greyish brown. Also, their head is small and their snout in pointy. Their eyes are small and black, and their tail is long and hairless.They prefer habitats with plenty of ground to cover themselves with – so they can protect themselves from predators.They eat every 3-4 …

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How To Find a Lost Hamster?

Hamsters are extremely good at hiding and seek, especially the “hide” part. They can run away during play, or run away for their cage and get lost. They fit into small spaces and disappear quickly – so the finding can be rather tricky. Here are a few tips to help you track you find your …

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Keeping Mice out of Cars & RVs

The warmth of our car isn’t only tempting for human beings. Rodents are drawn to it too. Your cozy vehicle can be a very inviting home – especially if it’s left outdoors. Mice and other rodents are attracted to the aromatic smell of food, so if you leave the smallest crumb – know there’s a …

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Mole vs. Vole

To prevent mole and vole infestation it’s important to know the difference between them: Moles Voles Characteristics Size: 6-8 inchesFur type: texturedColor: grey or blackClaws: long front clawsProboscis: long and hairless They look like most rodents.Size: 4-9 inchesColor: brown or gray Features and Behaviors They’re mainly active in the summer and spring. In the winter …

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Mice Infestation Prevention

Mice Infestation Prevention

To make sure no rodent can enter your house through cracks and gaps, make sure you have these following materials:  Rodent Proofing Materials Steel wool hardware cloth: Another option for clogging small gaps around the house is perforated or sheet metal. Sealing foams and caulks are best when applied in the interior part of the house in …

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Mice vs. Rats

The most common rodent pests in the U.S are the Norway rat, the roof rat, and the house mouse. Small mouse traps will work for mice but not for bigger critters like rats; that’s why we should purchase our bigger trap for them right here. Also, rat traps set on the floor won’t catch roof rats. That is …

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How to Control Rodents Humanely

The best method of rodent control is prevention. Rodents tend to set up camp in our homes and businesses when food and space are made available to them. Remove potential rodent homes like yard debris, trash, construction waste, etc. Remove ivy from on and near structures. Consider removing dense ground covering plants too. Eliminate food …

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5 Common Mouse Trap Mistakes

We make humane mouse traps based on a catch and release mechanism that allow you to catch mice without killing them. You can then release them later at a fair distance away from your house. We have noticed that a lot of our customers make a few basic mouse traps mistakes because of which the mice get …

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